In Iterare arquitectos we work around architecture, design and graphic design, and our efforts take shape into places, objects and brands.

Iterare arquitectos is a studio located in Valencia, Spain.
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A project created in collaboration with Kengo Kuma & Associates.

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Our architecture is a process of thought kept inmutable regardless the scale of the work or its complexity.
Analysis and research are the basis for each accepted commission, and allow for the solving of any given problem.
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A similar approach guides object design, conceived in this fashion as a project in itself, with all its complexity and deepeness.
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This spirit also animates the development of brand identity projects, producing brand universes closely related to the companies.
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Collecting information resulted from project processes eventually condense into unique research documents.
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Drawing and sculpture are key to our project processes and derived into a parallel activity which fuels our architecture as much as it nurtures from it.
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