Architectural documents – Japan

Vol. 1. Infrastructure


An essay on architecture and the contemporary city through a collection of photography addressing the japanese cityscape. Available both digitally and printed.

Architectural Documents, Japan, presents through photography, a number of topics inherent to japanese architecture. It is an essay avoiding traditional formulas and presenting itself as mainly evocative through common scenes of the japanese citiscape and landscape.

This first issue adresses japanese infrastructure and their place in the city and landscape of Japan, being the conclusions obtained by the reader valuable for their understanding of the contemporary city.

This collection aims to become a referent for its readers by allowing them a lenient study, highly propositional. Good or bad, appropiate or not, useful or purposeless, and so many other pairs, those will be judged by the reader, with no conditioning by the judging voice of the author.

It is nonetheless the author goal to evoke, and to awake readers intuition in opposition to their analytical skills, achieving this way their exploration of strategies, elements and unusual options for their own projects or their criteria overall, that would have been dissmised in a perfectly reasoned exposition of facts and data.

A series of quotes accompany the photographs, contrasting their meaning with the pictures content, strengthening  or denying them. Judging, nonetheless, it is left to the reader´s criteria.

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Research, architecture, urbanism, landscape, cityscape

Printed and digital media


Completed. Other volumes in development