PhD Research lecture defense act


LE GRAN PALAIS. Project and architecture in the Soviets´Palace by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

Next september 25th, 11:00h, at conference hall in the Architecture School in Valencia (ETSAV), will take place the PhD research defense act by Iterare arquitectos member, Pedro Ponce.

Jury will be formed by:

President – Juan Calatrava Escobar. Doctor in Architecture. Professor in the Architectural Composition Department at Architecture school of Granada.

Secretary – Marta Sequeira. Doctor in Architecture. Teacher in the Architecture Department at Universidad de Évora.

Vocal – Carlos Labarta Aizpún. Doctor in Architecture. Teacher in the Architectural Projects Department at University of Zaragoza.

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Brand identity design for photographer Martin Chiang


Contemporary graphic design has been long revisiting the idea of the logo as the only element to be the source for the brand. Taiwanese photographer Martin Chiang´s brand design is an exploration around the rol of the logo in the creation of the brand as a whole. Approaching the logo as a unit part of a graphic pattern of regular use, make it dissolve.

Article published in magazine “Cuaderno de Notas”



The magazine Cuaderno de Notas, published by the Architectural Composition Department of the E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Madrid, will publish one of our articles on the project by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret for the Palais du Peuple in Paris (1926).

Competition proposal for the Architecture School building in Cartagena


Complex functional requirements solved in a limited volume. A premise generating a compact piece, precisely optimized, with a work in section that will become the space main characteristic.

Europan 14. The L-shaped Strategy


The proposal uses an L-shaped multipurpose building as an economic pole and activity node for Alcoy. Its placement and volume respond to the local conditions, to the complexity of its functional requirements and to the habit of the citizens passing by the avenue and the Juan Gil Albert street.

Study nº 3. A catalogue of flying things


Pencil on paper. Groups of lines gravitating, floating, falling, flying, moving around.

House for a multileveled plot



Several months into the collaboration between Valencia and Tokyo, Iterare arquitectos completes the Construction Project for this house in Chiva, Valencia, together with the architects on japanese office Kengo Kuma & Associates.

On sale the first issue of Architectural Documents on Japan



Architectural Documents, Japan, presents through photography, a number of topics inherent to japanese architecture. It is an essay avoiding traditional formulas and presenting itself as mainly evocative through common scenes of the japanese citiscape and landscape.

This first issue adresses japanese infrastructure and their place in the city and landscape of Japan, being the conclusions obtained by the reader valuable for their understanding of the contemporary city.

Buy a printed copy

Buy a digital copy (pdf)

Títere. Swing for outdoors design


Steel cables hanging from an aluminum structure to float over any of our mediterranean seascapes.

Collaboration with japanese office Kengo Kuma & Associates


Japanese office Kengo Kuma & Associates chooses Iterare arquitectos to collaborate on the design and construction of a house in Chiva, Valencia. A project on a multileveled plot among olive trees in which the indoor spaces connect to each other in a sequence linking the levels with a ribbon.

Brand identity design for fortepianist Laura Granero


The brand identity design for a fortepianist performing music of the Romanticism with period instruments and historically informed, is solved identifying graphic elements of that age capable of providing a body for the project.

Le Corbusier. Paris n´est pas Moscou, travels to Oporto


November 18th – December 31st 2017

The exhibition, created for the Congress Le Corbuser 50 years Later (2015-UPV), will occupy the rooms of Casa das Artes in Oporto.

The show puts the viewer in the dense atmosphere of Le Corbusier´s atelier during the making of his projects for Moscow: the Centrosoyuz, the Ville Radieuse and the Soviets Palace.
A series of lectures are programmed as well, given by the curators and creators of the exhibition: Jorge Torres, Raúl Castellanos, and Iterare arquitectos member, Pedro Ponce.

The book created for the exhibition and published by TC cuadernos, can be purchased on the link below

TC. Paris n´est pas Moscou

Brand identity for architecture office Estudio VVV



Estudio VVV body of work pay special attention to the material nature of architecture and objects, and becomes the key concept to develop their complete rebrand.

Windmill. Floor lamp


Windmill is a lamp composed of only two elements: a slender steel structure topped by an unfolded cardboard with honeycomb structure as a diffuser. The steel structure holds the bulb socket, thus illuminating the hexagonal pattern of the diffuser from the back.

The shape of the piece evoke a windmill, although when presented on a combination of different heights, the appearance of a flower field emerges.

Study nº 2. Mass and inks


Inked wooden battens manually printed on paper. Mass, connections and balance.

Flexible shelving


Thought to adapt to the variations that are to be presented on the piece life span, we create a shelving unit which assembly system allow for endless combinations.

Refurbishment project in st. Lepanto 40. Valencia


Iterare arquitectos refurbish an old apartment on Valencia´s city center with a series of organizers in which light gradation and the new materials are the main characters.

Competition proposal for a toy by Hermès


As a proposal for a competition called by fashion company Hermès this fractal cube is envisioned. A toy that makes clear the beauty and strenght of a self-similar pattern, a quantum cube.

The toy comes in four different variations, four cubes, each one related to one of the four elements. Thus each element is represented by a different material.

Brand identity design for ARK


ARK is a furniture company with a keen eye for the design of architecture oriented furniture.

The new approach on the brand design speaks the language of architects. Light and shadow, shape, volume, lines, proportions, dimensions and materials, they all are the vocabulary the architect uses every day.

These are the elements the re-branding is created around.

Competition proposal for a music hall in Benitachell


El Poble Nou de Benitatxell call for a competition for a new cultural center with a music hall for 300 people as the main element of the building. On the competition plot lives a magnificent ancient Ficus tree that becomes the center piece of the proposal.

Refurbishment of a house in Murcia


A tiny house of just about 45 square meters in which a loft space wasn´t an option. This gave room to a project that furnish most of the perimeter with less flexible program like kitchen and bathroom, while the rest of the house is solved by using a single T shaped storage element. This element is an strategy to obtain several rooms part of a more fluid whole.

Refurbishment of a house in Albaida


Two precise walls relates the different areas of the project and conduct and frame the views to the great garden around the house. This views become the key aspect to the refurbishment, defining a side to side space which center area is occupied by the kitchen isle, and other dining area backed by the second wall, conducting at the same time the views to the outdoor.

Brand identity design for early music ensemble La Guirlande


La Guirlande is one of the most versatile ensembles specialising in historically informed performance of 18th and 19th century music. Their strong character and clarity of their ideas guides their brand creation. The unquestionable affiliation of the ensemble to the spirit of the 18th century was magnified in the art direction.

Study nº 1. Profiles


Aluminum profiles for dry wall. Bended, cut, folded, pierced, balanced, upright.

House with a courtyard


Located on a corner plot in El Cabañal in Valencia city, the house filters views while creating a new landscape indoors by using a courtyard which goes all the way to the top of the building. The section is worked to obtain different daylight drop effects giving the spaces their character.

Assembly of our open source furniture


Created for their free distribution, the assembly of this furniture set should be within anybodies reach. For its fabrication users can purchase regular materials available on any store and make the assembly by themselves.

If interested, please get in contact to receive the drawings you need for the fabrication and assembly of the pieces.

Refurbishment of a house in Talavera


The proposal creates a distribution based on a versatile movable element; the panel. All the panels have several positions and addmit a certain degree of customization, giving response to seasonal changes, as in a summer or winter living room; occasional changes, like parties or guests; or just a change on taste, allowing for the house to become a new one.

Porcelain lamps design


A family of simple porcelain lamps created to produce empathy on its owner.
Just about 20 cm in height, their curves flow from a base in which batteries and an LED are placed, to an opening on the top for the light. A shock sensor detects its owner movement around and the lamps seem to awake there where activity arise.
The pleasant sensation of a living object among the others.

Refurbishment project in Cirilo Amorós. Valencia


Experiencing the variations of light through the day in each space of this reform, guides the material and distribution choices for the project. Inhabiting it, sensations vary depending on the room, the time of the day, the season, or the weather.
Thus it allows for a subtle relationship with nature through light.

A japanese stool design. The Moji chair


The Moji stool is meant for waiting rooms. Created for its repetition, the curve on its board meets the one next to it. A subtle invitation to seating that makes it natural.
A bent board and four screwed wooden legs are all that is needed.

Refurbishment project in El Ballestero. Albacete


A step by step progression from the outside to the inside is the key concept behind this project.
A progressive change of materials happens between the outside and the inside, with a stair in the middle which steps material belongs to the outside, but it feels already as indoor.

Project for a house in Ossa de Montiel. Albacete


Solid whitewashed walls enclosing a courtyard as in the mediterranean tradition. This scene guides the project, which solves the functional requirements by introducing new wall structures in dialogue with pre-existences. This game of walls bears the house spatiality and character.