Estudio VVV

The material nature of architecture



Starting with the very nature of the studio, we identified those features capable of being graphically defined. The visual code in which this features take shape will in the end give the brand its distinction. Hence Estudio VVV´s brand identity design starts with the identification of their architecture main features: line, matter, time and the dwelling experince.

This identitary elements are developed coherently in all applications, appearing in different points of the brand.

The line, slender, made technical by the contemporary digital tools of the trade, appear as an echo of the prime line, suggesting the drawing hand of the architect.
The logo, monotype, type and tones chosen and designed for the brand, all seek this idea.

Matter, relating to touch, appear in the art direction on the photography. The dwelling experience is put into display through an architecture photography that pays special attention to ambience, construction and the buildings´materiality.

Both art direction and architecture photography is done within the studio.

Printed media is a translation of the shown ideas into layouts and mediums that communicate the brand spirit as well. The works are shown with simplicity, overlaying their construction and materials.


Brand identity design, graphic design, art direction

Logotype and other brand elements, printed and digital products dossier, website, stationary, photography


Estudio VVV


Completed. Applications in development