Europan 14. Alcoy

The L-shaped Strategy

The proposal uses an L-shaped multipurpose building as an economic pole and activity node for Alcoy. Its placement and volume respond to the local conditions, to the complexity of its functional requirements and to the habit of the citizens passing by the avenue and the Juan Gil Albert street.

From the point of view of the passers by, Al-Azraq square is observed free of obstacles, that is to say, from the Avenue of the Hispanidad pedestrians can see what happens in Juan Gil Albert street and vice versa. This fact led us to think of a volume with a free ground floor, and that decision lets the square asume a greater range of uses because of the covered surface. The linear layout of the building parallel to Juan Gil Albert street is also gently set back and takes advantage of the slope of the avenue so that the volume of the multipurpose building naturally emerges without cutting the visuals along the square.

The horizontal volume of the large L shaped piece is compensated with a building of a certain height located at the end of the Avenue consisting of a tower of dwellings formed by three different prisms the height of which vary between 18 and 14 floors. Each prism has a square base solved with an L shaped band of functional spaces that liberate a daytime space of great measure and with ample visuals.  Its height allows the tower to be identified as an urban landmark recognizable from other points of the city.


Iterare estudio + Estudio VVV

Pablo Miñano Alfaro (architecture student)

Architecture, urbanism, urban landscape, cityscape, icon

Public space, multipurpose, housing, square


Alcoy, Alicante


Competition proposal