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It would be september the second of 1931, on a private letter dispatched by some B. Breslow acting as Comercial Representative of the URSS in France, when Le Corbusier received the invitation to participate in the contest of the one that would be for many the essential building of the country, the Palace of the Soviets in Moscow. A building that for that matter would not only enbodies russian´s working class will, but also should become in the same way, there where the Salvador cathedral was built, the artistic-architectural monument of the still struggling soviet capital. This and not else is the point in which the actual text it is enrolled: on the developed by the project inside the number 35 of the Rue de Sèvres in Paris, with the objective of dusting off some of the key aspects of that first creative track blurred by history. Going back along the line of the Palace for the Soviets of Moscow.

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PhD Research