Laura Granero

The institution of the sign


The brand identity design for a fortepianist performing music of the Romanticism with period instruments and historically informed, is solved identifying graphic elements of that age capable of providing entity to the project.

On first approaches came along numerous floral elements in the form of petals, leaves, and the wind or the breeze animating them, and this idea of light weight, slender elements will remain through the design to be later explored with regards the artisan signage placed on the fortepianos´ keyboard covers.

Clara Schumann´s purely romantic writing convey lightness, an ethereal nature evoking breeze, the slender elements of great elegance…

This invited to think of the logotype as a sign and defined its final shape replacing the abstract lines with an intuitive text distinctly manual, while the capital letters L and G kept a floral touch, as in the artisan signages.

Along with the flower photography is the use of botanic illustration with a custom texturization in black and white (or blue ink) on an interpretation of the originals. This are meant to complement any application of the brand.

The logo admits a very easy use in the fashion of a traditional sign in any given application. An elegant and gentle touch when applied.


Brand identity design, graphic design, art direction

Logotype and other brand elements, digital dossier, website, stationary


Laura Granero